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As-is condition means exactly that. We will make you a fair offer based on the condition of the property. We buy in good or bad condition. If the property is in good condition, our offer is usually close to the net proceeds a seller would get after the aggravation and expense of making repairs, then more repairs once the home inspector and appraiser come through. Repairs always cost more than you expect. Then of course in a traditional sale, you also have the agent to pay and a seller assist tohelp the buyer with their closing costs.

When you see a house listed for sale, remember that’s not what it sold for; that’s just the asking price, which is meaningless.

If your home is dated or has deferred maintenance, our service may be perfect for you. We’ll give you a firm cash offer at a fair price and buy your home in its present as-is condition. You won’t need to make repairs or even clean out the house.

We are Philly’s oldest, most trusted home buyer, and when you contact us we will schedule a 10-minute time to see your home at your convenience and then make you a firm cash offer to purchase your home. You get a flexible closing date so you don’t have to move until you’re ready.

All of our staff are licensed real estate brokers, but our service is totally free and we are trained to handle all the details. Most supposed internet home buying companies are not home buyers at all. They simply take your information and sell it to an individual in Philadelphia. You won’t know who they are or what their history is.

We are an Accredited Member of the Philly Better Business Bureau and have a perfect A+ rating. We’ve never had a complaint in our history.

If you are looking to sell your house & want to find out what we can pay for your home, call us or fill out the online form. Our service is free, confidential and without obligation.

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